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Beijing Energy International Holdings Co. , Ltd.
Beijing Energy International Holding Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 00686.HK ) (“BJEI”) is the world's leading provider of global eco-development solutions, headquartered in Beijing. 
  • As a global new energy resources gathering platform, BJEI has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign institutional investors. Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd., China Merchants New Energy Group Limited, Qingdao City Construction Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., China Huarong Asset Management Co., Limited and ORIX Corporation, are the company's major shareholders. The presence of high-quality shareholders is not only a recognition of the company's achievements in the new energy sector and its own corporate governance, but also a testimony to the confidence of large financial institutions at home and abroad in the good prospects of the new energy sector and the huge potential of the company's development. The company is principally engaged in the development, investment, operation and management of solar power plants and other renewable energy projects.

  • The company's new energy projects are located in many regions of the country. At the end of 2021, the company had 104 power plants with total installed capacity of approximately 4,168MW and the aggregate electricity generation volume in 2021 was 3,879,751 MWh. The company has built 4 demonstration projects of national clean energy leaders in Datong, Anhui and Lianghuai, and 6 panda power stations in Datong, Qamdo, and Fengtai. Thanks to the professional management team and the continuous investment in new technology, the company's power plant operating benefits highlighted, power generation and revenue continued to grow.

Corporate Culture
  • Vision
    To become a world-class clean energy ecological investment operator
  • Mission
    To build an ecological system of clean energy industry that is green, multi-functional, complementary and intelligently coordinated, and provide full life-cycle services to global energy users through value creation
  • Core values
    People oriented, the pursuit of excellence
  • Management concepts
    Lean, Well-targeted, Precise, Excellent, Exquisite
Management Team
Member Position
Mr. Zhang Ping Executive Director/ Chairman
Mr. Zhu Jun President (Chief Executive Officer)
Mr. Liu Dongsheng Vice President
Mr. Huang Hui Vice President (Chief Financial Officer)
Mr. Jia Geng Vice President
Mr. Wang Liuhu Vice President
Mr. Wu Chaoke Vice President
Mr. Jin Xin Vice President
Key Milestones

On October 18,BJ ENERGY INTL’s 1.38 million-kw Wind Power Project in Horqin District, Tongliao Was Approved

On October 14,New Breakthrough! BJ ENERGY INTL’s Horqin Zuoyi Houqi Banner 1 million-kw Desert Control Wind Power Project in Tongliao Was Approved

On October 14,The 4MW/20MWh Energy Storage Project of Jiangda Zangneng and Yulong Photovoltaic Power Stations Kicked off

On October 12,The First Phase of BJ ENERGY INTL’s Yangxi Natural Gas Cogeneration Project in Yangjiang, Guangdong Was Approved

On October 11,BJ ENERGY INTL’s Aodu 100MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Damaoqi Banner, Inner Mongolia Connected to the Grid

On September 30,The Feasibility Study Report of BJ ENERGY INTL’s Chengshan 200MW/400MWh Shared Energy Storage Project in Rongcheng Passed Expert Review

On September 28,BJ ENERGY INTL and Sichuan Wanyuan Municipal Government Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Low-carbon Energy City Project

On September 29,The Feasibility Study Report of BJ ENERGY INTL’s 100MW/200MWh Shared Energy Storage Project in Toutang, Tianyang District, Baise, Guangxi Passed Expert Review

On September 16,BJ Energy INTL Successfully Signed Two Projects at the 19th China-ASEAN Expo

On September 13,BJ ENERGY INTL and Zhengxiangbai Banner Government Signed the Industrial Investment Cooperation Framework Agreement of the “Green Power to Beijing Base Project

On September 8,BJ ENERGY INTL Signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement with Baoshan Municipal Government of Yunnan Province

On September 7,BJ ENERGY INTL and Jingzhuang Township Government of Yanqing District Signed an Integrated Smart Energy Cooperation Agreement

On September 5,BJ ENERGY INTL Won the Bid of EMC of PV Power Generation of the Beijing Base of Hainan Airlines

On September 5,BJ ENERGY INTL’s Jiangling Motors 57MW Distributed Photovoltaic Car Shed Project Connected to the Grid with Full Capacity

On August 31,BJ ENERGY INTL Held the 2022 Interim Results Briefing Which Exceeded Expectations and Attracted Much Market Attention

On August 26,Li Yuhai, VP of Beijing Energy Holding Supervised Beijing Energy International

On August 19,BJ ENERGY INTL, Dongchi Energy, KeyPower and the Government of Alxa Zuoqi Banner Signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on Source-Grid-Load-Storage Network

On August 18,BJ Energy INTL, PowerChina Nuclear Engineering and Longkou Municipal Government Signed an Investment Cooperation Agreement for 200MW/400MWh Shared Energy Storage Power Station Project

On August 19, BJ ENERGY INTL, Dongchi Energy, KeyPower and the Government of Alxa Zuoqi Banner Signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on Source-Grid-Load-Storage Network

On August 14,The Consortium Led by BJ ENERGY INTL and the Government of Duolun County, Inner Mongolia Signed a Cooperative Development Framework Agreement for the Project of Hydrogen Storage for Green Ammonia from Wind and Light

On August 11,Jiang Fan, Party Secretary and Chairman of Beijing Energy Holding Supervised BJ ENERGY INTL

On August 4,The Feasibility Study of the 200 MW And 400 MWH Shared Energy Storage Project in Gushan Town, Weihai Economic Development Zone in Shandong Passed Expert Review

On July 28,The Feasibility Study of Yangxi Natural Gas Heating, Cooling and Electricity Cogeneration Project of BJ ENERGY INTL Passed Expert Review

On July 27,The Implementation Plan of the Integrated Demonstration Project of Hydrogen and Ammonia Production in Xilingol, Inner Mongolia Passed Expert Review

On July 22,BJ ENERGY INTL Signed an Agreement with Qinghe County Government of Hebei Province on a 200MW Floating Distributed Power Generation Project

On July 18,BJ ENERGY INTL and the Government of Mujiayu Town of Miyun District Signed a Cooperation Agreement on Attracting Investment for Dayan Jingneng 100MW Photovoltaic Project

On July 6, The Announcement of Issuance of Publicly Traded REITs by BJ ENERGY INTL Triggered a Warm Response from the Market

On July 5, Energy Authorities of Beijing and Jilin Supervised BJ ENERGY INTL

On June 24,BJ ENERGY INTL Signed an Investment Cooperation Agreement with Rongcheng Municipal Government on Shared Energy Storage Power Station Project

On June 19,BJ ENERGY INTL Actively Expands Hainan Market

On June 6,BJ ENERGY INTL Signed an Integrated Smart Energy Cooperation Agreement with Fengjiayu Township of Beijin

On June 2,Kan Xing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Beijing Energy Holding Supervised BJ ENERGY INTL for Pandemic Prevention and Offered Guidance

on May 10,BJ ENERGY INTL’s Qixia 112MW Agricultural Solar Lighting Project in Shandong Was Connected to Power Grid

On April 30,Guan Tiangang, VP of BJ ENERGY HOLDING Supervised BJ ENERGY INTL

On April 29,BJ ENERGY INTL Held Its 2021 Performance RoadshowNew Highs Attract Market Attention

On April 28, BJ ENERGY INTL’s Power Transmission Plan of “Green Power to Beijing” Base Project Passed the Expert Review

On April 25, BJ ENERGY INTL Signed a Strategic Investment Framework Agreement with Urad Middle Banner, Inner Mongolia

On April 12, BJ ENERGY INTL Achieves Breakthroughs in Integrated Project of Cold, Heat and Power Supply

On March 30, BJ ENERGY INTL and Xilingol League Administrative Office Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

On March 20, BJ ENERGY INTL and Zhang Township Government Signed a Strategic Investment Agreement for Integrated Energy Projects

On March 15, BJ ENERGY INTL and Baoshan Township Government Signed an Investment Framework Agreement for Integrated Energy Projects

On March 14, BJ ENERGY INTL and Xundian County Signed a Development and Construction Agreement

On March 11, Jiang Fan, Party Secretary and Chairman of BJ Energy Holding Supervised BJ ENERGY INTL

On March 9, BJ ENERGY INTL and Zhenfa Holdings Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On March 9, BJ ENERGY INTL and the Green Finance Center of Huaxia Bank Signed a LOI for Business Cooperation

On March 8, BJ ENERGY INTL and Xuan Steel Signed a Cooperation Agreement on Green Energy and Zero- carbon Demonstration Park for Manufacturing Industry

On February 18, BJ ENERGY INTL Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Beijing SPC Environment Protection Tech

On February 16, BJ ENERGY INTL Reached a Comprehensive Cooperation Consensus with Sembcorp (China) and PowerChina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction

On January 29, BJ ENERGY INTL Held Its 2022 Work Conference:Continuously Promoting the Company’s High-quality Development and Achieving New Breakthroughs

On January 18, Longhua Agriculture and Animal Husbandry’s 12MW Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project of BJ ENERGY INTL Successfully Connected to the Grid

On January 14, the Integrated Energy Project of Cloud Data Center of BJ ENERGY INTL Achieved a Breakthrough

On January 11, BJ ENERGY INTL and Jiangling Motors Corporation Signed a Framework Agreement on Investment Cooperation of the Second Phase of Distributed Photovoltaic Project and Held the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the First Phase of 63MW Project Simultaneously

On January 10, BJ ENERGY INTL and PowerChina Jiangxi Electric Power Engineering Corporation Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

On January 10, BJ ENERGY INTL Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with PowerChina Jiangxi Hydropower Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd


On December 31, Beijing Energy International’s 50MW Agricultural Solar Lighting Project Connected to Grid in Zhucheng

On December 31, the 7.6MW Distributed Photovoltaic Project of Beijing Energy International in Yanjing Brewery Was Officially Connected to the Grid

On December 29, the 3.4MW Distributed Photovoltaic Project Was Connected to the Grid in Pinggu’s Mafang Township

On December 27, Beijing Energy International’s Jiaxing 17MW BIPV Project Was Successfully Connected to the Grid

On December 26, Beijing Energy International Held the 2022 Work Conference with Focus on Development and Building First-class Enterprise

On December 21, Beijing Energy International Signed a Pairing Cooperation Agreement with Daxingzhuang Township Government

On December 22, Beijing Energy International’s 100MW Agricultural Solar Lighting Project Kicked Off in Jiangsu

On December 15, Beijing Energy International and Mafang Township Government of Pinggu Signed an Investment Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Comprehensive Energy Projects

On December 13, Beijing Energy International Won the Contract of 100MW New Energy Projects in Hainan

On December 13, Beijing Energy International and Changshaoying Manchu Township Government Signed A Strategic Investment Agreement for Comprehensive Energy Projects

On December 13, Beijing Energy International and JA Solar Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On December 3, Beijing Energy International and Yunnan Academy of Science and Technology Signed an Investment Cooperation Agreement

On November 17, Beijing Energy International and Xuan Steel Signed A New Energy and Comprehensive Energy Cooperation Framework Agreement

On November 16, Beijing Energy International and Xundian County of Yunnan Province Signed A Framework Agreement on Clean Energy Investment and Development Cooperation

On November 11, Beijing Energy International Won the Contracts of 282MW New Energy Projects in Shandong

On November 5, Beijing Energy International and Vestas Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

On October 22, Beijing Energy International Successively Won Contracts of New Energy Projects Totaled 600MW in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Guangxi

On October 15, Chayou Phase-I 50MW Photovoltaic Power Station Won the Honorary Title of “Model PV Power Station in Power Industry”

On October 12, Beijing Energy International Signed a Strategic Investment Agreement on Comprehensive Energy Project with Hanzhong Aviation Economic and Technological Development Zone in Shaanxi Province

On October 9, Beijing Energy International and Xincheng County Government of Guangxi Signed a Framework Agreement for the Development of Wind Power Project

On October 8, Beijing Energy International and Chongqing’s Fengjie County Signed a Framework Agreement on Investment Project

On September 17, Beijing Energy International Held 2021 Interim Results Briefing, with Outstanding Performance Heralding a New Stage of High-Quality and Rapid Development

On September 16, Beijing Energy International Successfully Won the Bid for the 6.5MW Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project of Fengtai Station of Beijing Railway

On September 3, BJ ENERGY INTL Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Efforts towards Peaking Carbon Emission and Reaching Carbon Neutrality with Lvliang Economic Development Zone of Shanxi Province

On September 2, BJ ENERGY INTL Integrated Smart Energy Won the Bid for the Second Phase of the Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic Project in the Qianhai Bonded Logistics Park

On July 21, Meet the Annual Goal: Beijing Energy International Held the 2021 Meeting of Economic Activity Analysis and Mid-year Work

On July 16, Beijing Energy International and Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On July 8, Beijing Energy International Yantai Qixia 112MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Kicked Off

on July 6, Beijing Energy International Jiaxing Xiuzhou LONGi 17MWp BIPV Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Kicked Off

On July 2, Beijing Energy International Signed Laiyang Agricultural-Photovoltaic Complementary Power Generation Project Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Laiyang City, Yantai

on June 29, Beijing Energy International Successfully Issued Convertible Bonds

On June 25, Beijing Energy International Successfully Implemented Market-based Debt-to-equity Equity Financing Business

On May 20, Turning Losses into Profits, and Improving Quality and Efficiency for a New Outlook: Beijing Energy International Held the 2020 Annual Performance Briefing

On April 23, Remain Committed to the Problem-oriented, Accurate and Targeted Policy-making ——Beijing Energy International held a thematic meeting on project development, preliminary infrastructure construction and operation management

On April 13, Beijing Energy International Signed strategic cooperation framework agreement with CMEC

On April 10, Zhang Ping, Chairman of the Board of Beijing Energy International Attended the “Beautiful Grassland City” Hohhot (Beijing) Entrepreneurs Conference

On April 9, Beijing Energy International and the Government of Heze City Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on the 200 MW Wind Power Project

On March 16, Beijing Energy International and Sichuan Chuantou Energy Signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement

On March 1, Beijing Energy International and Tianjin Electric Power Construction Signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement

On February 26, Starting a New Journey of Building the Company into a First-class International Clean Energy Ecological Investment Operator: 2021 Work Conference of Beijing Energy International

On February 20, Wang Yongliang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Beijing Energy Visited Beijing Energy International for Survey, and Provides Work Guidance

On January 20, Beijing Energy International signs cooperation framework agreement with PowerChina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction and China Shipbuilding Group Haizhuang Wind Power.


On November 6, Beijing Energy International and Longji clean energy signed a cooperation framework agreement

On November 6, Beijing Energy International and TBEA signed a cooperation framework agreement

On October 26, Beijing Energy International won the bid for the roof distributed photovoltaic project of high energy synchrotron radiation light source project of Institute of high energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences

On  September 25,Hire international energy investment manager to build international clean operation on

On September 15, the company changed its name to Beijing Energy International Holding Co., Ltd

On August 11, the company signed a cooperation framework agreement with Dongfang automation

On August 3, Beijing Energy Group granted management authorization to the company

On June 23, the company's "three fixed" implementation plan was approved by Beijing energy group

On June 10, the company signed an investment agreement on new energy comprehensive demonstration project with Manas County People's government

On May 14, the company signed a framework cooperation agreement with shenghuilai Energy Technology Co., Ltd

On March 5, Jiang Fan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Jingneng group, and his party went to Panda lvneng to investigate and guide the epidemic prevention and control and operation, development and management


Company, Huarong Overseas, Huaqing (a subsidiary of QCCI) and Asia Pacific Energy and Infrastructure Investment Group Limited invested a total amount of over HK$1.7 billion into the Company through a placement of our common shares.

On November 19, 2019, the Company entered into a subscription agreement with Beijing Energy Investment Holding (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, pursuant to which 7,176,943,498 shares of the Company would be purchased at a total price of HK$1,794.2 million, subject to certain conditions including shareholder and regulatory approvals.


June 2018, Won the 250MW Photovoltaic Super Top-Runner Project with LONGi Green Energy. This project is the first Super Top-Runner Project in China

May 2018, Acquired a 20MW solar power plant and a 50MW solar power plant in Inner Mongolia, the PRC

May 2018, The official launch of “Panda Operation and Maintenance System” in 2018 SNEC for building better green China

February 2018, The world's first energy blockchain community application public projects launched, co-sponsored by the China Merchants Charitable Foundation, TUV Nord, the New Energy Exchange, company and Huawei Technologies


December 2017, Achieved revenue of RMB1.522 billion

December 2017, Won the bid of 400MW wind and solar power project investment and development rights in Zhundong, Xinjiang

December 2017, Entered into the New Material Technology Strategic Cooperation Agreement with AVIC BIAM New Material to jointly develop and research on the grapheme VCI anti-corrosion materials

December 2017, Completed acquisition of 80MW solar power plant in Hunan Province

November 2017, Announced to build a customized Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”) power plant and enter into Strategic cooperation agreement with WWF

November 2017, Completed acquisition of 40MW solar power plant in Hunan Province

November 2017, Successfully issued corporate bonds in an aggregate amount of RMB800 million

October 2017, The grape-photovoltaics integrated project under company located in Turpan, Xinjiang has successfully connected to grid and received national certificate

October 2017, The world’s second Panda Power Plant successfully landed in Guigang, Guangxi Province

October 2017, Completed acquisition of a 50MW connected-to-grid solar power plant in Inner Mongolia, the PRC

October 2017, Proposed a public issue of corporate bonds in an aggregate amount of not more than RMB1.5 billion with the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission

September 2017, Being admitted to Southbound Trading under Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect as eligible stock

August 2017, Issue of corporate bonds in an aggregate amount of RMB800 million with a term of three years through private placement

August 2017, Signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with China Huarong, its strategic shareholder, to jointly develop global Panda Power Plants

August 2017, The completion ceremony of the world’s first Panda Power Plant was held at the Beijing office of United Nations

July 2017, Successfully issued corporate bonds in an aggregate amount of RMB200 million

June 2017, The world’s first Panda Power Plant in Datong, Shanxi was officially connected to the grid

May 2017, The Panda Power Plant project was officially incorporated into the Action Plan signed by the Chinese government and the United Nations at the B&R” Forum for International Cooperation

May 2017, Met President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines at the B&R” Forum for International Cooperation, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Philippine President’s Special Envoy to launch the Panda Power Plant of the United Nations in the Philippines

May 2017,Acquired 75% shares of Tibet Energy Company, and will jointly develop clean energy projects in large scale with the People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region

May 2017,Entered into entered into Corporate Agreement with China Railway Construction Investment Group to investment in lean energy project in Sri Lanka

April 2017,Introduced China Huarong as a strategic shareholder

March 2017,CMNE increased shareholdings in Panda Green Energyompany, meanwhile, introduced the international famous investment institution ORIX and ACP under Asian Development Bank as strategic shareholders

February 2017, Further issued the three-year US$100 million senior notes

February 2017, Completed acquisition of a 17.29MW grid-connected solar power plant in Hebei, the PRC

January 2017,Acquired six grid-connected solar power plants with an aggregate installed capacity of 82.4MW located in the UK

January 2017,Successfully issued 350 million USD bond, which is the first USD bond issued by Chinese solar energy company


December 2016 ,Achieved revenue of RMB988 million

December 2016 ,Obtained the approval from the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors to issue RMB700 million medium-term notes

November 2016 ,Successfully launched the world’s first Panda Solar power plant project June 2016 The Datong National “Top Runner” Project with capacity of 100MW successfully connected to grid and started power generation

February 2016 ,Successfully obtained the integrated certification, including Certificate of UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and Certificate of CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment)


December 2015, Achieved revenue of RMB631 million

November 2015 ,Became constituent of MSCI Global Small Cap China Index

August 2015 ,Became one of the constituent in five major Hang Seng Indexes

August 2015 ,Acquires 100mw Power Plant Projects of "Top Runner Programme" in Shanxi


December 2014 ,Achieved revenue of RMB379 million


June 2013, Completed the acquisition of CSPG, marking the commencement of M&A and operation of solar power plants

Shareholding Structure
Awards and Recognition
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